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2011-05-14_daphne_jani_ellen_index.jpg 2011-06-11_visit_of_ina_to_orlando_index.jpg 2011-11-19_debs_with_jen_mark_lily_index.jpg 2011-12-24_christmas_at_jeanettes_index.jpg 2012-09-16_jennys_marks_wedding_short_index.jpg 2012-09-16_jennys_marks_wedding_long_index.jpg
Jani & Ellen (Francis)
Indian Head, CAN, May 2011
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Visit of Ina to St. Pete Beach
FL, June 2011

Visit of Jen, Mark & Lily
to "Topply" Sandown
I.o.W. Nov 2011
Christmas at Jeanettes
Orlando, FL 2011

Jenny's & Mark's Wedding
16th September, 2012
(Shorter Version)
Jenny's & Mark's Wedding
16th September, 2012
(Full Version)
2012-10-19-20_suzys_birthday_week_index.jpg 2012-11-18_lily_at_sarahs_and_steves_index.jpg 2012-12-24_christmas_at_the_beach_index.jpg 2013-05-01_steve_sarah_florida.jpg 2013-10-02_louise_at_the_beach.jpg 2013-12-24_christmas_at_the_beach_index.jpg
Suzy's Birthday Week
19th & 20th October, 2012
Lily at Sarah's & Steve's
18th November, 2012
Christmas at the beach
24th December, 2012
Sarah & Steve in
Florida May 2013
Louise & Keith in
Florida Sep 2013
Christmas at the beach
24th December, 2013
2014-04-03_lou_keith_vacation.jpg 2014-05-01_steve_sarah_florida.jpg 2014-05-27_evald_funeral.jpg 2015-12-24_christmas_at_the_beach.jpg 2016-05-01_sarah_steve_florida.jpg 2016-06-04_anthonys_10th_birthday_party.jpg
Louise & Keith in
Florida April 2014

Sarah & Steve in
Florida May 2014

Evald Kazlauskas
27th May, 2014

Christmas at the Beach
24th December, 2015

Sarah & Steve in
Florida May 2016

Anthony Lord's 10th
Birthday Party, 4th June, 2016
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