Family Events 1
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1919 to 1999
Scanned Watson &
Chapman Family Photos
Chris Boating

Louise and Sarah,
1978 to 2008

1983 to 2010

Family at Freshwater,
June 1987


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Winnepeg Ct. Yardwork
Orlando FL, 1990

Tom & Jeanette
Wedding 1993
Dating, Paris
& Windsor, June 1993
Chris & Suzy
Wedding 1993
1st Year at
Loxwood 1994
Birthdays 1998

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Louise & Chris FL
Vacation, June 1998
Louise’s 6th Form
Graduation, July 1998

Christmas 1998

Christmas 1998

Sarah’s Trip
to NJ 1999

Sarah’s & Zoe’s 
Trip NJ 1999
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